SLEEK Podcast 01: The Rise of AR Filters

in collaboration with Telekom Fashion Fusion

For the inaugural episode of the SLEEK podcast, Senior Writer Angela Waters sat down with three of the first generation face filter makers who are shaping the way people see themselves digitally. Johanna Jaskowska, Assaf Reeb and Andy Picci are three artists that came to the medium from different backgrounds, but all find themselves part of a small, but growing, community of creators who have been approved for Instagram’s beta, which allows them to create custom face filters. With the Spark AR tool they create the surreal facemasks we all apply to our selfies, exchanging tips and tricks of the trade with each other in the Spark AR Facebook group. Fresh from Berlin’s Fashion Tech Conference, listen to their thoughts on how filters are changing our perceptions of beauty, where the future is for digital fashion is headed and what sustainability means online.

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